Common Age-related Eye problems

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April 9, 2019
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Common Age-related Eye problems

Retina specialist in delhi

It is hard to believe but there are several eye problems related to age. It is said that these are only associated with Age, but in reality, they can affect anyone. Such problems require proper treatment as it can cause discomfort. So whenever you feel there is something wrong with your eyes, visit a Retina specialist in Delhi and get it checked. Here is a list of few problems that develop with time and cause discomfort.

  • Presbyopia: It is a problem where a person is unable to focus on small objects. Initially, it starts as a normal process, but by the age of 40, it becomes quite discomforting. It can cause tired eyes or headaches while focusing on simple things. Wearing proper glasses can treat this problem.
  • Floaters: It is a problem where tiny spots start floating around the retina. Most people complain that they are unable to see in the bright light. When it is not treated in the right way, it can lead to retinal detachment. If you realize the sudden spots in your eyes, visit a retina specialist in Delhi.
  • Dry Eyes: This problem can cause irritation and abnormality in tear glands. By the time, you will feel itchiness, burning or vision loss. A retina physician will suggest the proper eye drop of surgery for the treatment of dry eyes.
  • Cataract: In Cataract, cloudy substance starts developing in the front of the retina. It reserves the entrance of light and eventually, you will start facing vision loss. You can identify this problem with redness and tear. This problem requires the proper surgery.
  • Glaucoma: When you start facing a lot of pressure in your eye, it can be due to Glaucoma. If it is not treated in time, it can lead to blindness. Heredity, age, diabetes, and some medication can be a reason for Glaucoma. Proper surgery can help you to get rid of this problem.
  • Retinal Disorders: Retinal disorders cause an interruption in transferring the image to the brain. The Age-related macular degeneration (AMD), Diabetic Retinopathy and Retinal detachment are the common types of Retinal disorders.
  • Conjunctivitis: This problem happens when the tissue at the eyelid starts becoming inflamed. It is commonly called a pink eye and cause redness, itchiness, burning and tearing. With the growing age, this problem becomes allergenic.
  • Corneal Diseases: Cornea is a window of the eye, and any problem related to cornea can cause a lot of damage. If your problem is on the initial stage, it can be treated with the help of eye drops, but if it is taking a lot of time to treat, then you must go for proper surgery.
  • Temporal Arteritis: Any problem at the temple area can cause a lot of inflammation, headache, pain while chewing and tenderness. If this problem is not treated with time, it can lead to chronical fever, shoulder and scalp weakness and permanent vision loss. It is mostly seen in the older women and should be treated with time.

All these problems are hard to ignore because you will eventually suffer from vision loss. So before any chronical cause, get these problems treated. Dr Varun Gogia is a Retina Specialist in Delhi, who can treat this problem like magic. You can find him at his clinic, IClinix-Advanced Eyecare. To book your appointment, simply visit their website and get rid of these Eye-related problems.

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