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Everything You Must Know About Diabetic Retinopathy: Symptoms, Treatment, Causes & More

When there’s damage in the blood vessels in the retina which happens as a result of diabetes causes diabetic retinopathy and hence this can have a wide range of symptoms. In this case, it is good to search for the best eye surgeon in south Delhi.

A person who is suffering from diabetic retinopathy might witness several symptoms such as blurred vision, difficulty in recognizing colors, eye floaters, etc. It is highly recommended to get it treated otherwise it might result in vision loss. Some patients have also claimed that they have gone completely blind and this shows how important it is to get this treated.

As per some best ophthalmologist in south Delhi, a person suffering from diabetic retinopathy might not witness any early symptoms. Hence it is important to have a comprehensive eye test at least once a year. Why? Because this would help you catch any condition of it which can be treated timely. It is important to get Retina Treatment and surgery in Delhi as soon as possible without any delays.

This blog provides you with a detailed overview of possible symptoms, treatment, and risk factors. So keep reading.
What is diabetic retinopathy?

Well, diabetic retinopathy is an eye condition that occurs due to diabetes. This can even go worse with a rise in blood sugar levels which is caused due to diabetes. If a person is undergoing diabetic retinopathy, it is highly important to bring the blood sugar level to normal and hence the lens will then return to its original shape which will ultimately improve the vision. Not just this, with an increase in diabetes, a person is prone to many other eye conditions such as open-angle glaucoma as well as cataracts.

There are no such symptoms in the early stage of diabetic retinopathy, but moving ahead, there can be a wide range of symptoms that you will see on a regular basis. These symptoms are more visible when it is an advanced stage. Search for the best cataract surgeon in south Delhi to get rid of this condition.

This condition affects both eyes. Let’s have a look at some possible symptoms of diabetic retinopathy below:

• Inability to witness the right colors,
• Blurred vision,
• Eye floaters,
• Patches or streaks that block the view of an affected person,
• Night blindness,
• Complete loss of vision.
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An affected person can lead to several complications if they do not get the right treatment for diabetic retinopathy at the right time. In mild cases, a person might suffer from floaters but when the situation turns complicated, it results in complete vision loss, and hence this can also result in damage to the retina part of the eye. It can further lead to the detachment of the retina which can be dangerous.

Risk factors

Anybody who is suffering from diabetic retinopathy is prone to several risk factors. The risk factors even turn double if the person:
• Is pregnant,
• Has a regular habit of smoking,
• Is a diabetic for a longer time,
• Has high cholesterol,
• Has uncontrolled blood sugar levels,
• Has high blood pressure

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