Diabetic Retinopathy


Diabetic Retinopathy a precursor to retinal detachment disorder

According to world health organization a census has reported that 80% of all people aged above 40 suffer from diabetes. It may be type one or type two. Popularly known as ‘slow poison’, diabetes slowly destroys and degrades all the organs of the human body, therefore is the worst syndrome to encounter. We, at ICLINIX– advanced eye care provide the best possible medical aid for diabetic retinopathy.

What is it?

Due to the high level of glucose in the bloodstream, coagulation of blood cells and protruding through the arteries of the vascular system is encountered. The condition is extremely alarming and must be treated immediately. The high amount of damage to blood vessels causes them to leak and swell the vessels and obstruct the vision. Untreated condition paves the way to retinal detachment disorder. Diabetic retinopathy disorder further causes much more discomfort and reduces the life of the eye.

Diabetic retinopathy eye condition is directly related to the level of glucose in blood, the higher the level, the worse the situation. As the vessels swell up and the blood cells coagulate and protrude this applies pressure to the vitreous chamber and so, the gel like liquid seeps into the micro tears inside the retina which further leads to retinal detachment.

Some common symptoms

· Vision loss

· Impaired vision

· Floating objects and dark spots in the vision

· Affects both the eyes

· Red and swollen eyes

· Being of African American origin provides genetic disorders

· Tobacco uses give rise to worse complications

How to get it corrected?

Keeping the blood glucose level in check aids a lot in the process of healing; checking the habit of smoking or completely avoiding smoking gives better results. Under the care of superior medical practitioners these syndromes can be surgically corrected by best surgeons. We, at ICLINIX- advanced eye care help our patients get rid of the syndrome through surgeries by the best medical practitioners.

Get your ailment diagnosed by the best professionals of the country and surgery have done by top-notch retina surgeon in Delhi through ICLINIX- advance eye care.