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The focal laser photocoagulation or the retina laser surgery is best initiated by the team of experts at iclincx. Since we have the most advanced equipment and techniques to preserve the health of the retina, there is no question about referring to any other clinic in Gurgaon after that.

We are amongst the best eye hospitals in Gurgaon to provide surgical treatments to the diabetic patients. Our team members have over a decade of experience in treating all types of eye injuries resulting from the aging process and other reasons. Any kind of underlying eye disease if left untreated for a longer span of time can create more troubles. Therefore, we initiate the best retinal laser surgery in Gurgaon without imposing any financial burden on the sufferers. Our reasonable surgical packages along with 100% Success rate have given us a complete trust from our patients. We undertake treatment and surgeries to cure the retinal tears and damages for avoiding permanent vision loss and blindness. Our advanced focal laser therapy is one of the most effective ways to reattach damaged retina in the most painless way possible.

Why is retina laser therapy required?

Extreme retinal damage can result in vision loss.  Retinal laser therapy has an important role to play in curing the damage Before it completely destroys the vision. The light-sensitive membrane located towards the back of the eye creates images. It also helps in maintaining a vision. However, if a person is suffering from uncontrolled diabetes or high blood pressure for a long span of time, we undertake special diabetic retinopathy to cure the damage and to refrain any further effects taking place. We also look after the fluid collection in the layers of retina and bleeding caused by retinal hemorrhages. We perform retinal laser surgery and similar therapies for preserving the vision with absolute care and supervision.

Procedure for retinal laser therapy at best hospital in Delhi

  • Examination of eyes to check the level of damage.
  • Putting eye drops to Numb the vision and sensitivity in Eyes
  • Pupil dilation
  • Mild oral sedative in order to keep the the patient relaxed
  • Placing a special contact lens over the eye in order to manage the eye movement
  • Putting laser light at the bleeding spot of the blood vessels and the retinal tear. The laser heats the tissue and results in sealing the leaking blood vessels.
  • Prescription of medicines or further treatment depending on the condition of the patient.

We keep it painless

Pain and discomfort is the most primary concern of every patient who is about to undergo retina laser surgery. We assure that being the best eye hospital in Delhi, there would be nothing to discomfort you during and after the surgical procedure. Our most advanced techniques and sedatives together keep the patient relaxed, comfortable and out of complications. There are no risks and complications involved in the surgeries carried out by our expert Ophthalmologists. Still, if you feel any discomfort or doubt, we are always there to attend you to resolve the problem right away.

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