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motiyabind operation

If you are looking for Motiyabind Operation in Delhi then nothing can be better than IClinix. At IClinix, our team of surgeons makes the surgery an easy-peasy experience for you. Motiyabind operation is an essential procedure, and you may be required to be on leave on atleast three days after the surgery. Post-surgery at our clinic, you can resume work in no lesser than a week. We utilize the finest technology and equipment to enhance your experience. At IClinix we make sure that there are minimal discomfort and risk post-surgery.

How is cataract-removal surgery carried out at IClinix?

If you have a cataract, then timely removal would be better as it can lead to further complications if not treated in time. Our unique techniques need lesser than ten minutes to remove the opaque layer from the eyeball. Post the removal your doctor will insert new lenses for your eyes that will last for a long time.

The overall cost of motiyabind operation in Delhi depends on your eye condition and your expenditure budget. Since there is no way out to cure cataract naturally, you have to take the help of the best surgeons in Delhi to restore your normal vision. If you receive the treatment from IClinix, then you will be able to get back to work almost immediately without any trouble at all.
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Besides the regular monofocal intraocular lenses IOL (both Indian and imported), we also implant premium IOLs like multifocal IOLs (for glass free experience for both near and distance), toric IOLs (which correct both for your spherical power and cylindrical power). We also offer refractive lens exchange to make your life spectacle free. Please visit IClinix to get all your queries addressed and get yourself trouble free experience without glasses.


When can you get discharged after the motiyabind operation?

It may take some time to restore the normal vision of the patient post the motiyabind surgery, but if you take your treatment from IClinix, then we can ensure a speedy recovery. Motiyabind/ cataract operation is a day care procedure, no stitches are given, no injection into the eye is required for most cases where we can make it pain free using some drops. Once the doctors are confident that you feel no pain and are comfortable, then they will discharge the patients almost immediately after the surgery. Our medical practitioners help patients with tips and tricks to help them with a speedy recovery.

How much does a motiyabind operation in delhi cost?

The cost of motiyabind operation depends on the type of intraocular lens you choose and the hospital you select. If you are looking for quality treatment at a pocket-friendly price, then nothing can be better than IClinix. We are also renowned for the best retinal detachment surgery, and we make sure that the risks for you are at minimum since your vision and comfort is our priority. Motiyabind operation in Delhi can be quite costly, but at IClinix, you can get the best treatment at an affordable range.

How to take care of the eyes just after surgery?

Taking care of your eyes, post-cataract surgery can be challenging. However, if you take proper precautions, then you can recover fast. Post-surgery you must avoid washing your eyes with soap and moisture. It would be helpful if you apply the eye drops regularly. Follow the advice of your surgeon and avoid exposing your eyes to dust, dirt, water, sweat at any cost. You must take adequate rest post-surgery. Though most people feel comfortable in their daily routine after surgery, however reading chores may call for rest for at least a week in most cases.

At IClinix, we are very stringent about quality, and we leave no stones unturned to offer the best quality services to our patients. Our customer support team at IClinix consists of qualified individuals who provide timely responses to queries and concerns.