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Retinal detachment treatment is a very important step to be taken after the impact of cataract surgery. All over the world, people suffer from retinal detachment and require a surgical repair every year. At iclincx, we have an expert team who looks after such requirements and makes the procedure uncomplicated. We have all the equipment’s and tools to provide diabetic retinopathy treatment with utmost care. Our consistent effort and emerging success have given us a good name among the leading Ophthalmologists of Gurgaon.

We Have Hands-On Experience in Retinal Detachment Surgery and Treatment

We regularly look after patients who have an onset of floaters and flashes. We understand that an ageing eye can easily develop retinal detachment conditions that need to be carefully handled. We have a complete procedure for carrying out retinal detachment treatment to ensure 100% successful results. Examination of the condition, painless surgery and then medical prescription; we initiate all the three steps and complete the procedure in the most reliable way possible.

With a 90% success rate in the surgical approach, we are the ones to use the latest techniques for managing the diabetic retinopathy treatment. We completely understand that diabetic patients require superior care and concern. Therefore, we use the most advanced techniques for managing retinal detachment after cataract surgery to result in less invasive vasectomy. Our surgeries always avoid traumatic scleral buckles.

We Use A Simple But Effective Ways to Cure Patients

We diagnose retinal detachment by first of all putting a bright light in the lenses of the patient. This reveals the extent to which the retinal tears, holes and detachment have taken place. We have special equipment that helps in examining the back area of the eye to derive a conclusion.

Another way to find out the extent of damage is ultrasound imaging. We determine whether any kind of bleeding has occurred in the eye because of retinal detachment. Prescriptions and surgical procedures are then initiated accordingly.

We keep you in loop

For the majority of time, surgery is the only option left to repair the retinal damage. At iclincx, we describe the technique of treatment to the patient and then begin with the procedure so that both risks and benefits are known by the sufferers. Our team of experts along with the patient together take the final decision about the combination of procedures that are best for a particular condition.

Manage Retinal Tear without Surgery

Yes, you read it correctly. We do not initiate any surgeries for retinal tears if in case the whole has not progressed to become a detachment. Instead, we initiate the laser surgery that requires a laser beam to pass into the eye to the pupil. Majority of the time that is enough to cure the underlying condition.

Also, we use freezing probes to make sure that any particular treatment that is carried to cure the condition is made pain free. We keep the patient under observation for a couple of days and release them after ensuring that the treatment is finally successful.

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