Importance of Retinal Detachment Surgery

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Retinal detachment is an eye pathology that can lead to permanent vision loss. Retinal detachment symptoms include floaters, curtain in front of your eyes, sectoral vision loss other than total vision loss. You need to see a doctor immediately, and if required, you may need to undergo retinal detachment surgery immediately to restore vision.

The doctor may suggest different treatments or surgical procedures based on the complexity of retinal detachment:

The standard retinal detachment treatment procedures are:.

  • Pneumatic Retinopexy:This is a common procedure followed by doctors to reposition the retina and hold it in place until it attaches on its own. In some rare cases, cyropexy can also be used as a part of treatment. For recovering quickly after the surgery, the patients need to follow the doctor’s instructions strictly. He may need to lie prone for many weeks for retina to heal faster. These procedures come with some risks, and hence for getting retinal detachment surgery or retinal detachment treatmentyou can choose IClinix. The different risks associated with this procedure may include new retinal tears, failed retinal procedure, eye bleeding, retina folds, detached choroid, and many more. But at IClinix, we can assure you that you will derive the best results from experienced Dr Varun Gogia.


  • Scleral buckling: A cost effective method of retinal detachment surgery, here a piece of silicone is utilized to tamponade the damaged retina. In some cases, you may have some eye soreness post-surgery. For an improvised surgical experience, you can choose IClinix, which will aid to restore your vision in the best possible way. Not only is the IClinix reputed for having the best eye specialists treating retinal detachments, but you can also find here the best Uveitis Specialist in Gurgaon & Uveitis specialists in Delhi. 


  • Vitrectomy:Based on your condition or the amount of retinal detachment, Dr Varun Gogia will suggest whether you are a candidate for this procedure or others. Having operated more than a thousand surgeries of retinal detachment, Dr Varun Gogia is undoubtedly the best for retinal detachment treatment. Post this operation; you can return home on the same day. You may be advised some specific post operative positioning for optimal results.

Recovery time post retinal detachment surgery:

Retinal detachment surgery is a complicated procedure which requires the intervention of a qualified doctor. However, even after successful surgery, a patient is not expected to see immediately. There is some amount of time that needs to be given to the patient before his vision is restored, sometimes not fully. This period is called the recovery time. The recovery time depends upon the criticality and the patient’s condition. Generally, the recovery time ranges between two to six weeks. If the patient has presented late for surgery, there may be permanent damage to the macula, causing sub optimal vision gain despite the best surgical care.

The recovery time also depends on the severity of the detached retina and the procedures undertaken by your doctor. For instance, for pneumatic retinopexy, a patient can recover within three weeks. In contrast, for vitrectomy, the recovery time may be longer, and the patient can take up to six weeks to recover. In scleral buckling, the recovery time may range from two-four weeks.

Hence the importance of retinal detachment surgery cannot be ignored and if you have a retinal detachment, then consult your best eye specialist in Delhi immediately.