Motiyabind Operation in Iclinix and Doctor Varun Gogia

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All about Motiyabind operation- Gaining a better understanding:

Motiyabind operation refers to the traditional process of cataract-removal so that clearness of vision can be restored. Here phacoemulsification lasers are utilized to break the clouded lens after making an incision on the corner of eyes. Post this process; an intraocular lens replaces the natural lens.

Based on the type of incision made, the surgery can be classified into phacoemulsification and extracapsular surgery. In phaco, a small incision is created on the side of the cornea. With the help of a probe, the lens is broken into pieces. On the other hand, in extracapsular surgery, a longer incision is made on the side of the cornea, and the eye surgeon removes the lens in one piece. The lens is removed by suction. In both cases, local anaesthesia is utilized, and antibiotic drops are put into the patient’s eyes in sufficient amount for preventing infection.

About iclinix and Dr Varun Gogia

If you are planning to get, your Motiyabind operation done, it is imperative to choose an experienced doctor who will execute the process skilfully for avoiding future complications. If you want to do your Motiyabind operation in Delhi, then you can select Iclinix, and you can consult Dr Varun Gogia Retina specialist in Delhi NCR & Iclinix eye hospital in Gurgaon.

Having completed MBBS and MD in Opthalmology from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, the apex institute of the country and with a vast experience of thirteen years as an Ophthalmologist, Doctor Varun Gogia is a pioneer in the ophthalmology division. He ensures that the issues, procedures and future complications are explained to the patients. He expertises in Cataract, vitreo-retina, Uvea and Retinopathy of prematurity. He also bagged the award of the best Junior Resident in Opthalmology for his outstanding patient care services. He listens patiently to your questions and concerns and explains the entire procedure to you in simple terms. He is committed to helping patients restore the best vision possible post the motivating operation

It would help if you visited an excellent eye surgeon for the Motiyabind operation so that you may avoid wearing glasses in future. In the Motiyabind process, the type of artificial lens injected into the eyes determines whether you need spectacles or not in future.

Let’s glance through the many options of the intraocular lens:

Standard lens implants: These lenses are monofocal, and they can correct your vision at one focal point only. If these lenses are inserted in your eyes after the operation, then you will require glasses to read.

Premium IOLs: These IOLs include presbyopia-correcting IOLs and Toric IOLs. The presbyopia-correcting IOLs correct the near and distant vision. These lenses are implanted so that the patients do not have to wear glasses post-surgery. In Toric intraocular lenses, the irregularity in the curvature of the cornea is addressed. These lenses are used for patients with astigmatism.

Hence the correct usage of the lens is highly essential in the cataract surgery. At Iclinix, we ensure that you get the best treatment possible. Also, our staffs are very helpful, and they will assist you during the entire process. Quality remains our top priority all the time, and hence you use superior quality products so that the best services can be offered to the patients. Iclinix can be the best choice for getting a Motiyabind operation in Delhi. Book your appointment with Varun Gogia and get treated by the best ophthalmologist. You can dial the number listed on the website for further assistance. Our efficient customer support team will help you in case of any queries and concerns.