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Finding a good eye doctor in South Delhi is difficult, but if you have researched properly, then you may able to find a good specialist. Now, you may be thinking why you should concern a Retina specialist or eye doctor. Right? Then you must slide down and look after the following reasons:

  1.    Retinal Tear/Break or Rhegmatogenous Detachment:

Retina Tear is very common in the person who is suffering from myopic eyes, trauma, and posterior vitreous detachment. Here, the liquid vitreous start gathering into space under the retina. This problem leads to rhegmatogenous. Whenever you are suffering from such problem, you must visit an Eye specialist as soon as possible.

  1.    Retinal Vein Occlusions:

Problem-related to the retinal vein can cause a blurry vision. Here the muscles get weak and make hard to watch. In such cases, you must wear glasses. If you feel that problem is big then do concern a Retinal specialist.

  1.    Intraocular Foreign Body:

Mostly, the entrance of any foreign body can cause harm to our eyes, but when it happens after the globe trauma then you must visit a retina specialist or Eye doctor in South Delhi. The foreign body can be glass, organic material, or metallic substance. The doctor will remove that unwanted material from your eye.

  1.    Exudative Age-related Macular Degeneration:

Many people have past macular degeneration history. With time, the effect of the Macular degeneration declines. That is why it is needed to regularly visit a Retina specialist. He will look after the problem and find a cure for it.

  1.    Post-Operative, Post-Traumatic or Endogenous Infectious Endophthalmitis:

If you are suffering from profound intraocular inflammation after your intraocular surgery, then you must visit an Eye doctor in South Delhi or retina specialist. The reason behind it is that you can be suffering from any further infection. A Doctor will give you the perfect medication or intravitreal injection regarding it.

  1.    Clinically significant or Recalcitrant Diabetic Macular Edema:

A person suffering from this problem should go through a potential focal laser treatment. And, if the problem doesn’t get revolve then he should further go through a modified grid laser treatment.

  1.    Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy with high-risk characteristics:

Any person suffering from PDR with high-risk characteristics have a higher risk of vision loss. Avoiding this problem is not easy. If you avoid it then it can further cause proliferative vitreoretinopathy or rhegmatogentous retinal detachment.

These are some serious problems that required proper treatment. Hence, you can consult a Retina specialist in Delhi. One of the best Retina specialist or Eye doctors in South Delhi is Dr Varun Gogia. If you want to book an appointment with him then you can call or visit his clinic, IClinix-Advanced Eye and Retina Centre. He can look after all Retina related problems.

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