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It is our mission to exceed expectations by providing exceptional care to our patients and at the same time, building relationships of trust with them.

Our vision is to be one of the leading eye clinic in the area, expanding our services to reach additional community members. We work to be trusted by patients, a valued partner in the community.

What is Retina?

The Retina is often affected by many diseases, diabetes being among the most common. Diagnosis plays a key role in the line of treatment for retinal problems. At ICLINIX, we adopt a wide range of techniques to do this.

Our Super Speciality Retina Services.

Medical Retina

This service deals with conditions at the back of the eye, which are treated medically using drugs, eye drops or lasers, and includes diabetic eye screening.

Surgical Retina

Retinal detachment repair is eye surgery to place a retina back into its normal position. The retina is the light-sensitive tissue in the back of the eye.

Uveitis & Ocular Inflammation

It affects the middle layer of tissue in the eye wall (uvea). Uveitis (u-vee-I-tis) warning signs often come on suddenly and get worse quickly.

Why Iclinix Is Best For Retina Problems?

Established in 2016, IClinix- Advanced Eye Care is driven by the quest to protect and prevent vision loss and blindness due to variety of eye disorders.

We provide comprehensive eye care treatments ranging from routine eye tests to treatment of the most complex vision and eye-related problems like Cataract, Retinal detachment, Diabetic retinopathy, Age-related macular degeneration, Glaucoma, Squint, etc.

IClinix offers latest world-class technologies for eye care and Ophthalmic treatments at a very affordable cost.

Our eye clinic is a state-of-the-art eye care facility equipped with the newest technology, capable of handling all of your needs.

Our Services


A retinal detachment is when the retina peels away from the back wall of the eye. The retina does not function properly when it is detached, resulting in seeing a peripheral shadow that can progress to cause significant blurring of the vision.


High blood sugar levels in people with diabetes can cause damage to the blood vessels and retina within the eye. This is called diabetic retinopathy. Damage and weakening of the blood vessels can result in swelling and leakage in the retina.


Macular pucker is a wrinkle of the retina. Macular hole is a hole or defect that develops in the center of your vision. Floaters look like small specks of dust, dots, circles, lines or cobwebs in your field of vision.


A laser is strong beam of light. An ophthalmologist uses different types of lasers to perform a variety of laser procedures. Two different kinds of lasers are used in eye surgery.


AMD is an age-related, degenerative problem with your retina. Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) occurs when the center of the retina is damaged and leads to central vision problems.


The retina is sensitive tissue that requires blood flow from arteries and veins. A blockage or occlusion of a vein results in a retinal vein occlusion. The most common cause of a blockage is one vessel pressing down on another.

Dr. Varun Gogia With Staff

Mission / Vision Statement

It is our mission to exceed expectations by providing exceptional care to our patients and at the same time, building relationships of trust with them.

Our vision is to be one of the leading eye clinic in the area, expanding our services to reach additional community members. We work to be trusted by patients, a valued partner in the community.

  • Imparting eye care to all with great love to achieve universal eye health.
  • Evidence-based treatment protocols.
  • Specialized clinic. 
Dr. Varun Gogia

Know the Director

Dr. Varun Gogia, an AIIMSonian (2002-2007), is an NTSE and KYPY scholar, securing a Meritorious position in the competitive Residency exams. He chose Ophthalmology out of his love and passion for the subject at the prestigious, Dr. Rajendra Prasad centre for Ophthalmic Sciences, AIIMS, the apex Ophthalmology training institute of the country(2008-2011). His Dedication and commitment towards patients were reflected when he topped MD final exams and was awarded with the best Junior Resident award for the same.

Following this he had the opportunity to train in Vitreoretinal, Uvea and ROP and got immense surgical training under the able leadership of his distinguished teachers.(2011-2014).

Suffering From Eye Disease ?

Dr. Varun Gogia in Operation Theatre

Why People Trust Us?

Building trust is deemed to be one of the extensively significant roles of any doctor’s or hospital’s duty as well as commitment. Our assistance providers and highly experienced, dedicated team of doctors make sure about the contentment with the services delivered, and our trust-building bond remains our utmost priority while contributing our prime services.

High-Quality Labs

Our top-notch quality labs are exclusively hygienic, sanitized, and taken sufficient care of with the critical measure of delicacy, and matching the topmost quality standards without compromising your condition.

Unmatched Expertise

Our expertise doctor’s team's allegiance and experience are unmatchable indeed, here at Iclinix you can be sure about getting supervised and operated on through highly qualified and experienced specialists.

Precise Result

We are delighted to present our expert team of ophthalmologists who are instructed professionally and have years of expert ordeal in giving out precise results without any hindrances or negligence.

Qualified Staff

Our entire staff is trained so professionally to understand the density of working in a clinic arena such as Iclinix and are aware of servicing out their duty with entire generosity without compromising with the hygiene, responsibility or to meet the appropriate standards expected.


Meet Doctors

Dr.-Vineet-Tanwar-Iclinix clinic

Dr. Vineet Tanwar


Dr. Varun Gogia

Dr. Shah (Miss) Pankti Sanjay

Dr. Shah Pankti Sanjay

Dr. Saurbhi Khurana

Dr. Saurbhi Khurana


Dr. Gogia always provide proper advise as required and provide treatment accordingly. I was visiting to other top Gurgaon hospital before meeting him around 5 year back. After meeting with him now no second option except him. Thanks alot

Sanjeev Kumar

My mother eye surgery this month 5th jan very good experience ,, All staff are very helpful ..... Dr. Varun Gogia thank u

Rajesh Jha

I had a Lasik surgery at iclinix and my experience was very good. I was planning to get this surgery done from quiet long. Dr. Varun Gogia performed it. The whole procedure went very smoothly. I would like to appreciate the staff as well for handling everything very nicely.

Bhagwati Ahuja


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