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A human body is made in such an amazing way that every body part is special. Eyes are the most treasured part of our entire body as we can enjoy the glory of the world through it. They help us appreciate the gift of nature and also help us in keeping ourselves safe from the adversities of life. Our eyes are an amazing sensory organ giving us the gift of vision. Our eye is not only delicate but also immensely complex. There are so many delicate parts and if any one of them gets damaged it starts to affect our vision. One such eye part is retina.

The retina is a layer at the back of the eye that is responsible for our vision. Light falls on the retina and it converts the light into neural signals to be transmitted to the brain. If the retina gets damaged it can cause weakening of our vision and if the damage persists it can also cause permanent blindness. So taking care of retina is of utmost importance. Then why go to doctors that may not be professional enough to take care of your problem? Go only go iClinix, the only clinic where you will find retina specialist in Noida worthy of your trust.

Why should you trust iClinix?

At iClinix, we offer the best team of Eye specialist in Noida. We offer care and guidance for any retina related problem that you might have. We have best labs, latest equipment and professional consultation.

We offer a variety of services which include –

    Fluorescein Angiography

    3D OCT

    Autofluorescence

    Ultrasound B Scan

    Multispot ( Pattern) Retinal Laser

    Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscope

    Cryopexy

    Intravitreal Injections

    Intraocular Implants

We also offer following surgeries –

    Retinal Detachment Surgery (23/25/27 G)

    Vitreous Hemorrhage

    Tractional Retinal Detachment Surgery

    Diabetic Vitrectomy

    Macular Hole Surgery

    Epiretinal Membrane Surgery

    EndophthalmitisVitrectomySurgery

    Pediatric Retinal Surgery

    Nucleus & IOL drop

    Vitreoretinal Amyloidosis

Here we understand that every patient is different. Every individual is unique, their medical history, problems they are facing and their concerns. They are treated in accordance with their situation and only when the professionals have understood your situation will they advise you the solution. Hit and trial is never a method that we would approve off. Because eye us such a delicate part and we understand that.

Visit our website to know more about our team of professionals and our services. Mail us if you have any query. You can also book an appointment online. Just take the first step and visit the best retina specialist in Noida. After all you can’t take any risk with your eyes.