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 Retina Surgery – Iclinix- Advanced Eye Care

People whose retina gets detached need surgery. If it’s not done on time, then it may lead them to lose their eyesight. The retina is referred to as a thin layer of tissue which functions like a camera and is present in the back of the eye. It is crucial for vision.

Initially, retina detachment starts with a small hole or tear in the retina. The natural eye fluid may seep through that hole and get behind the retina. This leads to retina lift off the layer below similar to a wallpaper falling off the wall.

You won’t be able to know it it’s a retinal detachment or a retinal tear, a doctor can only specifically tell you about it. IClinix is one such Retina Eye hospital in Delhi. This hospital provides the best retinal detachment surgery in Delhi.

Uvea which is the middle layer of tissue in the eye is affected by Uveitis. It is a form of eye inflammation. You can easily find a Uveitis Specialist in Delhi. Uveitis is also serious and can lead to permanent loss of vision. Thus, one suffering from this problem needs to visit a specialist. There are many Uveitis specialists in Delhi.

By seeing the situation a doctor will tell you if you need surgery or not. There are 3 types of surgery to fix a detached retina.

  1. Scleral buckle

The white part of the eye is referred to as the sclera. During this surgery, the doctor will put a tiny, flexible band around that part. The band creares gentle pressure around your eyeball and moves sclera closer to the detached retina. This helps your retina reattach. This band will stay there permanently or may be removed if required at a later date. If there are any tears in your retina, the doctor may use a laser or freeze treatment to repair it.

  1. Pneumatic Retinopexy

In this surgery, the doctor injects a small air bubble into your eye to push your retina back into place. You will be able to see the air bubble in your side vision after the completion of the surgery. It disappears itself over time.

This surgery can be done in the doctor’s office. Your eyes will be numbed to make you comfortable during the surgery. The doctor will then insert a tiny needle into your eye and removes a small amount of fluid and inject a small amount of air into your eyes.

Retina treatment or surgery in Gurgaon is quite rare. To get the best retina specialist in Delhi you may visit the IClinix website.

  1. Vitrectomy

It is the same as pneumatic retinopexy. But this surgery is longer than the above one. It requires very specific set of skill and your doctor should have enough experience of operating such cases. Dr varun Gogia is the correct retina surgeon in Delhi who has amsassed massive experience over past 10 years and operated thousands such cases.

Dr. Varun Gogia is an NTSE and KYPY scholar, and gold medallist during his Ophthalmology residency at RPC, AIIMS, New Delhi.

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