Retinal Detachment Surgery & Treatment and Retina Laser Surgery- Gaining an Insight

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Retinal detachment- an alarming situation:

Retinal detachment is a serious condition that can happen due to many reasons. The retina is a sensitive part of our eye, and retinal detachment can impact vision to a considerable extent. In some worst scenarios, it can even lead to vision loss.

A retinal detachment surgery& treatment requires a lot of skills and should be done from a reputed eye clinic.

Retina laser surgery

The retina laser surgery is also known as photocoagulation. Here the retinal tear is fixed by directing a laser beam into the eye around the pupil. Retina laser surgery is prescribed during the earlier stages when a retinal hole is detected and when the retinal hole has not progressed to the detachment. Another way of treating the retinal tear is through Cryopexy. Here the eye surgeon utilizes local anaesthesia to numb the patient’s eyes. Then he makes use of a freezing probe to apply on the eye surface directly over the tear. A scar is created, which helps to attach retina to the eye wall.

Retinal Detachment surgery

If your retina has completely detached, your surgeon may advise you to go for surgery. Depending on the severity of the detachment, the type of surgery can be suggested by the eye surgeon.

Let’s look into the different types of eye surgery:

Injecting air or gas into the eye: This procedure is also popularly known as pneumatic retinopexy. In this procedure, a gas bubble will be inserted in your eyes, which will push the retina against the wall of the eyes. This process also stops the flow of the vitreous fluid into the back of the retina. You need to take a lot of precautions after the surgical procedure, and you must hold your head at a certain angle, as indicated by the eye specialist. The gas bubble absorbs by itself.

Indenting the eye surface: This procedure is also known as the scleral buckling. In this process, your eye surgeon may place one or multiple silicone materials on the sclera of your eye. This process is referred to as ‘buckling’ by the eye surgeons. They relieve the additional pressure created by the vitreous tugging of the retina..this buckle is positioned in such a way so that your vision is not blocked. The buckles can remain in the same position for long.

Replacing the eye fluid: This process is also known as Vitrectomy in the medical terms. Here, the eye surgeon removes the vitreous fluid along with any other eye tissues that are tugging on the retina. Then silicone oil or a gas bubble injected into the eyes. This flattens the retina. Eventually, the air, gas, and bubble get absorbed, and the vitreous space gets refilled by the body fluid.

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