Retinal Detachment Surgery


                                                               All about Retinal Detachment surgery

Keeping in mind the strenuous conditions of today’s tech savvy lifestyle, the rays from the televisions or the computer screens and also the cell phones affect the retina of the eye directly. We, at ICLINIX advanced eye care provide retinal detachment treatment for your eye disorders by the best trained medical practitioners.

What is it?

Retinal detachment surgery is used to correct the eye disorder in which the innermost layer of the eye gets detached from its previous layer. The eye transmits vision in the form of impulses through the optic nerve to our brain which is the head of the central nervous system. The presence of the vitreous humor inside the second chamber of the eye giving the eyeball its round shape, poses a great threat to the treatment of this particular disorder.


The gel like fluid in the eye seeps into the micro tears and causes it to get detached from its undersurface.

Common symptoms?

· Bright occasional flashes

· Curtaining of vision

· Occurrence of black spots in the vision

How is it corrected?

Retinal detachment surgery corrects your eye disorder immediately, it can cause permanent blindness. The only way to rectify it is by surgical methods. The surgeon in this method uses a small glass bead that he inserts inside the vitreous chamber and then uses the density of the bead to position it near the tear and then uses laser rays to seal the tear so that the humor cannot seep in.

Other methods of treatment include cryotherapy which uses a photo coagulation technique in which a cold probe is inserted using a laser technique. The only demerit of Retinal detachment treatment is that it has to me maintained timely and one single miss can cause havoc in the process. Another notable method is using sclera buckles. In which case silicone is bound to the outer surface of the eye and also where gas is used in the treatment procedure called retinopexy.

Where to get it corrected?

We at ICLINIX- advanced eye care provide the best possible way to rectify the error using surgical methods. With highly trained professional doctors who’ve excelled in their profession from institutes like AIIMS-Delhi, we offer the best medical aid.