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Retinal detachment is an alarming condition which may be caused by the disruption of retina. Your eye surgeon may prescribe laser treatment, freezing, or other forms of surgery to repair any tears or cracks in your retina and reconnect your retina to your eyes. The ophthalmologist will suggest you treatment based upon the degree of detachment of the retina and what form of retinal separation you have.

The retina is a thin layer of nerve cells that are located in the back of our eyes. To enable a clear vision, we require a good retina. You may require surgery to transfer the retina back into place if a greater part of the retina is removed or detached. These operations are likely to be done in a hospital.

Retinal detachment treatment is usually done in two or more sessions in your doctor’s office or eye clinic. After the procedure, your vision will be blurred temporarily however it will be cured soon.

The retinal detachment treatment functions well, particularly if the condition is diagnosed earlier. In some cases, your retina may need a second therapy or operation again — but this treatment remains successful for 9 out of 10 people

Retinal detachment is not limited to aged patients and anyone can develop it. Hence it would be prudent of you to get your eyes checked by the best retina opthalmologists and retina specialists in Delhi if you experience sudden flashes of light, floaters, or partial vision loss.

For retina specialist in Noida and retina specialist in Delhi, contact the IClinix Advanced Eye Care, where specialists operate around the clock. Children and adults with various kinds of the retina are examined and treated according to their condition. The associated hospitals have world-class infrastructure and the highest quality machinery in which all kinds of eye conditions can be diagnosed and treated.

At Iclinix we also have international patients from different parts of the world who are treated and are satisfied with the treatments.The physicians and the staffs associated with us ensure that realistic care can be provided to the patients in the best manner possible.

Our goal is to have the most advanced technical expertise and new human-touch technology for world-class eye treatment. We are committed to enhancing their patient’s wellbeing and happiness.Our dream is to get an appreciation for their excellence and quality service as one of the finest eye centers in India

IClinix Advanced Eye Care is a pioneer and innovator in retinal impairment and retinal procedure detection and care. Constant innovation and improvements are the mantra of our success. For us quality remains the top priority. We provide high-quality treatments,surgical therapies and ensure no compromise in quality no matter what. Our team consists of qualified professional medical practitioners who will provide you the best treatment possible. If you have queries or concerns you can reach out to our dedicated customer service team who will respond to your queries and concerns. You can reach by dialing the phone number mentioned in our website to seek assistance.

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