Retinal Detachment Treatment


Best Retinal Detachment treatment with I Clinix

Retinal detachment treatment is a very famous technique and treatment for eye vision problems. Most commonly, people who have been wearing specs and contact lenses for years go for this surgery as this makes a person free and liberated. People who are old, or adults who have been wearing spectacles and contact lenses from their early childhood; prefer getting a retina laser surgery. These laser surgeries are very important and play a very big role. They can help correct the refractive errors in the retina. There can be many reasons for the refractive errors, one of the major reasons being the imperfectly shaped cornea or the eyeball.

At I Clinix, we help you correct these retinal issues with our laser surgery and help you get rid of the spectacles and the contact lenses, that had been weighing you down. We perform even the toughest of Retina laser surgeries to achieve a universal eye health.

A detailed examination and consultation

Retinal detachment treatment necessarily would not always be right for you. It depends from eye to eye, health to health, and from age to age. Some factors determine whether the laser surgery can be performed on your eyes or not. If you have a disease and are on a certain medication, then the laser surgery would not be suitable for you. If you have a change in the prescription of your eyeglasses or contact lenses, have diabetes, or are on steroids then laser surgery is not advisable for you. There are many such complications, and we examine a patient and his health thoroughly before suggesting any surgical or medical measures. We are here solely to give a rightful service and an improved pair of eyes.

Latest Laser procedures and types of equipment

We are updated and experienced in carrying out Retina laser surgery through LASIK, PRK, LASEK, and LTK procedures. These techniques bring out 90% to 95% of vision correction. These procedures are popularly preferred. We have treated thousands of patients who are satisfied with our Retinal Detachment surgery and have become our regular patients for follow-ups.