Retinoblastoma and Its treatments

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February 21, 2019
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Retinoblastoma is cancer associated with eyes. As the name suggests, this cancer begins with the retina, the lining that promotes the vision. It includes nerve cells, and when these cells start experiencing the abnormality like a colour change or size change, it leads to a tumour.

This problem is mostly identified in young children, however, there are some adults who also suffer from it. This Eye problem can be hereditary, where the child starts suffering from the problem at an early age. So it’s better to find a retina specialist in Delhi and concern him about the problem.


The Retinal physicians have suggested some symptoms of the Retinoblastoma: 

The people suffering from this problem feels that they are unable to see after the white light shines in their eyes. For example, when the flash enters the eyes of a person suffering from this problem, s/he will notice that the black pupil is appearing to be white. 

  • Eyes appear to be looking in different directions
  • Eye redness
  • Swelling in the eyes

If you feel that there is something abnormal with the eyes then you must concern a retina specialist. Also, tell him about the medical history or family history, as it will help him to find out a better cure. 


Retinoblastoma Treatments:

A good Retina Specialist in Delhi will diagnose the problem in the best way. He will take a test about the problem and choose from the different treatments. Here are some ways to get rid of the Retinoblastoma:

  1.    Chemotherapy:

This treatment is simply associated with medications. Here, the chemicals are inserted in the body and kill the cancer cells. It will also help in shrinking the tumour so that another treatment can be more effective on the problem.

  1.    Radiation Therapy:

This treatment is associated with the beams of energy, which used to kill the cancer cells. Sometimes, a small disk of radioactive material is inserted near the tumour. It will help to absorb the beam in a better way and kill cancer or tumour cells.

  1.    Laser Therapy:

This therapy is used to destroy the blood vessels that are filled with Tumour cells. It will help the retina specialist to treat cancer or tumour.

  1.    Cryotherapy:

In this treatment, an extremely cold substance is inserted in the body to freeze the tumour or cancer cells. Once the cells freeze, the doctor removes it from the body. The whole process of continuous freezing and thawing kills harmful cells.

  1.    Thermotherapy:

Just like the cold substance, extreme heat helps in killing the cancer cells.

  1.    Enucleation:

Surgery is the last option for Retinoblastoma. It may require to remove the eyeball and cure it. Here, the doctor may look after the areas where the cancer is spreading, look at the consequences and find out the best way to do it


One of the best Retina specialists in Delhi that can cure Retinoblastoma is Dr Varun Gogia. He is a well-established and experienced doctor which operates his own clinic, iclinix, in South Delhi. For any retina related problem, contact him.

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