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When it comes to looking after the health of your eye, you just cannot choose a random Retina surgeon in Delhi. There has to be someone who has all the knowledge, degree and expertise. Therefore, iclinix brings you the best of ophthalmologists/Radiologists who understand the basic pathology behind the problems you are facing and try to improvise them as much as possible and in some cases completely eliminate them.

Dr. Varun Gogia and his team at iclinix Advanced Eye care, with vast experience of managing all kinds of Vireo-Retinal disorders and Uveitis are totally committed and passionate about the Patient care

Vision loss due to Retina related disorders is not like any other problem in the eye. Most of the retina conditions are related to chronic disorders of the body as Diabetes, Hypertension, and Ageing and Systemic Inflammatory conditions. Thus, the treatment requirement is generally chronic and thus, requires long term follow up.

Therefore the expert team of doctors at iclinix work professionally and emotionally towards the well being of the patient When it comes to getting the best retina doctor in Delhi, Dr. Varun Gogia and his team is the one you should fall upon.

Apart from managing patients medically and surgically , the retina specialists in Delhi at iclinix try to rehabilitate patients as much as possible by providing them with Vasectomy recovery Support systems and low vision rehabilitation and it is always a case based and evidence based approach to give the best outcomes to their patient..

We keep you informed

Your search for a retina surgeon in Delhi must end at iclinix without any delay. Retinal issues specifically impact the people with higher age groups. It requires more attention than any other eye disease. The experts at our clinic know the exact risks, do’s and don’t related to such surgeries. They communicate all the pros and cons before they start with the treatments.

How do we carry out our treatments?

Generally speaking, retinal treatments begin with the physical examination of the retina by the team of experts. The light sensitive layer of your eye sends the visual messages through the optic nerve to the brain. Any kind of damage in the retina needs to be carefully handled. The treatments are initiated depending on the level of retina damage taking place. If the retina becomes completely detached, special surgeries that help to regain a good vision are taken. For some of the patients, there can be minor retina damage that can be handled with some normal prescriptions. Our talented and extremely generous team of doctors do everything in the best of their knowledge. They have all the trust of patients which has helped them to deliver the best of surgeries and eye treatments across India and at International level.

Benefits of retina surgery and treatment

The major benefit of retina surgery includes betterment of vision. Almost any person who has undergone a retinal detachment surgery feels a great difference in the quality of vision. The final outcome depends on the exact level of Retinal damage that had taken place. In any circumstance, your vision is bound to become better. 99% of the patients who suffer from retina issues are successfully cured at iClinix. The most important factor in Recovery of vision in patients with Retinal detachment is the time duration between the start of the problem and treatment taken.

We deliver hundred percent safe and sound results

All the precautionary measures and steps are taken to eliminate the risk of infections, bleeding and post surgery cataract. We initiate the surgical procedures with absolute care and restrictions. After the successful completion of surgeries, we monitor the patients and take due care of their comfort and healing. Post surgery eye drops and prescriptions are suggested as the final step. Post operative Recovery Support systems and Visual Rehabilitation is also stressed and practiced for Early Recovery of all patients.



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