Pediatric Ophthalmology Clinic

Deals with eye problems in children. Children may not complain if they do not see out of one or both eyes. Sometimes the only clue may be poor performance in school as well viewing the blackboard at a very close distance. Hence all children need regular eye checkups at the time of starting school and right through their school years. Of the many eye problems in children, the most important are refractive errors, squint and amblyopia. Adult patients suffering from squint and double vision are also examined and treated effectively.

Why a separate Pediatric Ophthalmology Clinic?

  • Because the type of eye diseases that affect children are unlike those affecting adults and treatment methods required for children are also quite different. Moreover, eye specialists for children are distinctive and trained especially for their treatment.
  • Many times children don’t complain if they have an eye problem as they don’t understand and many times parents do not take their complaints seriously as they think that the child is complaining for attention seeking.
  • Many parents feel that an eye examination can’t be done till the child learns to start reading.
  • But a pediatric ophthalmologist is trained to perform an objective examination of the child’s eye and detect any eye problem or refractive error even without any input from the child

Experienced Specialists