What are potential complications of diabetic retinopathy treatment?

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 What are potential complications of diabetic retinopathy treatment?

Do you know what actual diabetic retinopathy is? And what is the diabetic retinopathy treatment all about? If no, then don’t worry as all the information related to this are mentioned below. You can get to know all under one roof.

What diabetic retinopathy all about?

Retina helps people in seeing fine details. It is a light tissue located at the back of the eyes. And diabetic retinopathy is a continuous and progressive condition of the eye that leads to damage one’s retina. It is caused because of diabetes. And when the situation becomes worst one may lose their eyesight.

It is a common problem in half of the people with diabetes. If it is not treated or taken care of on time, it sharply affects the vision.

What are the complications of diabetic retinopathy?

The growth of abnormal blood vessels in the retina leads to diabetic retinopathy. We all know any disease it may be if it’s not treated on time has a negative impact. The same goes with this, if it is not done on time then the complications can lead to serious and major problems resulting in vision loss. The complications are highlighted below:-

  • Glaucoma

It is the condition where new blood vessels grow in front of the eyes interrupting the normal flow of the fluid out of the eyes. This causes pressure inside the eye to build up. And this pressure may lead to the damage of the nerve that carries the image from one’s eye to the brain. This increases the risk of eye veins being damaged and leads to blindness.

  • Retinal Detachment

Tissues that are being damaged or scar pulls away from the retina from the back of the eye. This leads to spots appearing and floating in one’s vision, visible brightness of the light, and lead to severe vision loss, and many more. If retina detachment treatment is not done on time, it will definitely lead you to lose your vision for a lifetime.

One can get retinal detachment surgery or retina laser surgery done as soon as possible to be on safer sight. Dr. Varun Gogia is one of the best doctors for the eye in Gurgaon, and in fact in India. He treats his patients very well.

  • Vitreous hemorrhage

The center of one’s eye may be filled with bleeding because of the new blood vessels. And in the case or situation of severe bleeding, the cavity of vitreous gel can be filled with blood that leads to completely block one’s vision.

  • Complete loss of vision

If the situation is not handled initially, then it will ultimately lead to blindness. People have the tendency of ignoring the problems initially. But the diabetic patient should not take the risk. And must get his/her treatment done for better eyesight.

Thus, one must be aware of the problem and get the treatment done. One can get an appointment at the best eye hospital in Gurgaon, Iclinix. Most people recommend it for their excellent service.

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