What is the cost of laser operation for diabetic retinopathy in India?

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 What is the cost of laser operation for diabetic retinopathy in India?

Diabetic retinopathy is a vision problem that is quite prevalent in diabetes patients. Changes occurring in retinal blood vessels due to changes in blood glucose levels lead to swelling or shrinking of blood vessels in the eye resulting in diabetic retinopathy. Laser treatment, removal of the vitreous gel, injection of anti-VEGF, surgery, and other means are utilized for treating diabetic retinopathy.
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There are various treatment options available for diabetic retinopathy in India. Choice of the option depends on the diagnosis and condition of the problem. It needs expert doctors to perform the diagnostics and based on the results follow the correct and best procedure so that the patient is relieved from the problem. You must consult a good hospital for an expert ophthalmologist who can guide you through the whole procedure at affordable costs.

Among all the options Retina laser surgery is considered the best option due to its no blood procedure and fast process. Every laser treatment takes around half an hour but might need more than one session. Remember, your eyes are the most valuable possession of your and they should be in good hands. iClinix is headed by Dr. Varun Gogia who is an expert in treating eye problems.

If you are considering laser treatment for your Diabetic retinopathy treatment, then you should consider the cost affecting factors such as what is the cost of the hospital, how good is the doctor, what kind of facilities they provide, after surgery treatment, and costs. All of these factors affect the overall cost. Laser treatment has some tests that need to be done before the treatment and after the treatment. These are also added to the overall cost.

Retinal detachment treatment is quite costly but if done right you can get the treatment at an affordable rate in India through IClinix. IClinix has always believed in providing the best eye healthcare at affordable rates because that’s what our motto is – a healthy future with a healthy vision. Depending on the condition of your problem a complete laser treatment for Retinal detachment surgery in diabetic retinopathy might cost you around 30,000 to 50,000 rupees. IClinix has the best laser technology in the whole of India to provide you the best before and after treatment care using expert staff and the latest technologies.

If you have any sudden pain or vision problems in your eyes, call Iclinix immediately for getting the best treatment and diagnostic facilities and get healthy eyes.

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