Why Visit the Top Retina Specialist in Delhi

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If you are looking for the best retina doctor in Delhi, then stop hopping different clinics and hospitals and visit IClinix for a one stop solution.

At IClinix, we pay individual attention to all patients, and we make sure that they get their best eyesight. The top retina specialist in Delhi can be found at IClinix.

The retina is an extremely sensitive part of the eye, and the retinal issues are diagnosed through an eye exam.

Let’s take a sneak-peek into the different eye tests that the ophthalmologist conducts to detect the retinal problems:

Amster grid test: In this technique, your doctor will make use of amster grids to determine the clarity of your vision. This technique is useful for detecting macular degeneration in patients.

OCT: A CT scan of the eyes, IClinix offers this excellent method for diagnosing macular holes and macular swelling, and macular degeneration.

Fundus autofluorescence: AT IClinix, we perform this technique using the latest technology to highlight the retinal pigment (lipofuscin) that increases when there is retinal damage or any dysfunction.

Fluorescein angiography: In this technique, your doctor will utilize aa fluorescent dye which will make the blood vessels in retina glow. In this, the doctor can detect the abnormal blood vessels easily as they stand out from the rest. AT IClinix, we perform this technique, to perform angiography of your retinal vessels to know if they are blocked or clotted and causing damage to adjacent retina.

Ultrasound: High-frequency sound wave of ultrasonography is used in this to detect the retinal and the vitreal pathology even if we can’t see through opaque media of the eyes.

CT and MRI are eye evaluation methods employed by the doctors to evaluate eye diseases. These are used in many hospitals nowadays and give a correct forecast of eye issues.


The choice of treatment at IClinix can be different based on your individual pathology.

Laser surgery: to repair the retinal tear or hole or scatter laser photocoagulation can the shrink the holes.

Cryosurgery : Freezing probes can be utilized to the external wall of the eye.

Pneumatic retinopexy: Injection of air and gas into the retina to treat blood in macula or early retinal detachment as deemed feasible by your doctor.

Scleral buckling: In this technique, the external surface of the sclera is indented to tamponade the detached retina against the scleral wall by means of a tamponading agent and sutures. Since there is a chance of failure of this surgery, you must choose the best eye surgeon in delhi and the best eye hospital like IClinix for your satisfactory management of this critical condition.

Vitreo-retinal surgery: At IClinix, this is performed for your advanced retinal problems like detachment, vitreous haemorrhage, diabetic eye disease, uveitis by means of micro vitreal retinal gauge probes and is performed sutureless using advanced equipment only at IClinix. With an experience spanning more than a decade of operating in 1000s such cases, you can’t be placed in better hands.

For Retina Treatment and surgery in Gurgaonyou can come to IClinix. At IClinix, your eye doctor will utilize the procedures mentioned above to treat your damaged retina.  Retinal detachment treatment is also done in IClinix. Hence wait no more find the best retina specialist in Delhi and find a solution to all your eye problems.

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