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A detached retina, also known as retinal detachment, is a dangerous eye ailment. The rear layer of tissue within the eye, the retina, moves away from the tissues that sustain it. Eye floaters, flashes, and dimming side vision are symptoms that something is wrong. A detached retina requires immediate attention.

Retinal detachment surgery

The retina is reattached to the rear of the eye, and so any breaks or holes in the retina are sealed during retinal detachment surgery. The procedure’s success rate is great, with nine out of ten retinas being able to be repaired. Retinal detachment is more common in older adults.

Retinal detachment treatment

When your retina has detached, you’ll require surgery as soon as possible after being diagnosed. The kind of surgery recommended by the Best retina specialist in Delhi will be determined by various criteria, including the severity of the separation.

Air or gas is injected into your eye

The surgeon introduces a bubble of air or gas into the centre of the eye in a process termed pneumatic retinopexy (RET-ih-no-pek-see) (the vitreous cavity). The bubble, when appropriately positioned, presses the portion of the retina harbouring the hole or holes against the eye’s wall, preventing fluid from flowing into the region behind the retina. Even during operation, the Best retina doctor in Delhi may employ cryopexy to heal the retinal break.
The fluid accumulated beneath the retina is taken by itself, allowing the retina to cling to the eye’s wall. To maintain the bubble in the appropriate position, you might have to keep your head in a specific position over several days. The bubble may eventually dissolve on its own.

The surface of your eye is indented.

The surgeon sews (sutures) a piece of silicone material here to the white of your eye (sclera) well over the damaged area in a process known as scleral (SKLAIR-ul) buckling. This treatment indents the eye’s wall, relieving part of the tension exerted on the retina by the vitreous.

Your surgeon might make a scleral buckle that encircles the entire eye like a belt when you have multiple tears or holes or a severe separation. The buckle is situated so that it does not obstruct your view, and it typically stays put.

The fluid in the eye is drained and replaced

Vitrectomy (vih-TREK-tuh-me) is an operation in which the surgeon eliminates the vitreous and any tissue tugging on the retina. This vitreous gap is then injected with air, gas, or silicone oil to flatten the retina.
The gas, air, or liquid would ultimately be absorbed, and the vitreous area will be replenished with bodily fluid. Silicone oil might well be removed surgically days later if it’s used.
A scleral buckling treatment can be done with a vitrectomy.

Diabetic retinopathy treatment

Diabetic retinopathy is a retinal condition caused by diabetes. This condition can affect anyone who has diabetes. Diabetic retinopathy can cause vision loss or blindness if not treated. However, with the appropriate treatment, you can avoid vision loss and slow the condition’s progression. If you observe any new visual changes, contact your healthcare professional.

In instances of proliferative diabetic retinopathy, Retina laser surgery is used to treat the creation of new blood vessels in the rear of the eye (retina), as well as to stabilize certain instances of maculopathy. Injections into the eyes — for severe maculopathy that is compromising your vision. Retina Treatment and surgery in Gurgaon with the best Uveitis Specialist in Gurgaon is here now.

Your healthcare practitioner uses a laser to minimize retinal edoema plus new blood vessel development. The lasers either shrink or seal blood arteries.

Several people never fully recover their vision. This might take many months for your vision to regain after surgery. Repeat surgery may be required for effective treatments.


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