Vitreo Retina

Vitreoretinal surgery refers to any operation to treat eye problems involving the retina, macula, and vitreous fluid. These include retinal detachment, macular hole, epiretinal membrane and complications related to diabetic retinopathy.


Cataract Services

Cataracts cause clouding of the clear lens of the eye leading to either diminished vision or degrade the quality of vision. Most cataracts develop due to ageing, but they can occasionally occur in infants and young children too.


Uvea & Ocular Inflammation Services

Uveitis is an inflammation that occurs in the middle layer of the eye. It can also lead to inflammation in the adjacent areas, like the retina and fluid in the back of the eye (called vitreous).


Cornea & Refractive Services

Refractive Services – including LASIK, PRK, ICL, Refractive Lens Exchange. Improve Your Vision. The UT Laser Vision Center is a state of the art vision correction center, which offers independence from glasses and contact lenses. Corneal refractive surgeries are some of the safest procedures performed in the world.



Glaucoma is a group of eye conditions that damage the optic nerve, the health of which is vital for good vision. This damage is often caused by an abnormally high pressure in your eye. Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness for people over the age of 60.


Pediatric Ophthalmology Clinic

Early diagnosis and treatment of childhood eye diseases and disorders significantly impact your child’s physical, emotional and social development. If you have an infant, your pediatrician should perform vision screening during the first year of life.


Squint Clinic

A squint, or strabismus, is a condition in which the eyes do not align properly. One eye turns inwards, upwards, downwards, or outwards, while the other one focuses at one spot. It can happen all the time or intermittently.


Neuro-ophthalmology Clinic

The neuro-ophthalmology clinic can complement the neurology management by providing services for visual fields, OCT and Fundus photography and angiography.


Low Vision Aids

Low vision is vision loss that can't be corrected with glasses, contacts or surgery. It isn't blindness as limited sight remains. Low vision can include blind spots, poor night vision and blurry sight. The most common causes are age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma and diabetes


Dr. Gogia always provide proper advise as required and provide treatment accordingly. I was visiting to other top Gurgaon hospital before meeting him around 5 year back. After meeting with him now no second option except him. Thanks alot

Sanjeev Kumar

My mother eye surgery this month 5th jan very good experience ,, All staff are very helpful ..... Dr. Varun Gogia thank u

Rajesh Jha

I had a Lasik surgery at iclinix and my experience was very good. I was planning to get this surgery done from quiet long. Dr. Varun Gogia performed it. The whole procedure went very smoothly. I would like to appreciate the staff as well for handling everything very nicely.

Bhagwati Ahuja