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Uveitis is a common term which is used to describe a group of inflammatory diseases that cause swelling in the eye tissues and thus destroying them. Uveitis is one of the most common cause of reduced vision and severe vision loss in India.

Uveitis can affect almost any part of eye such as lens, retina, optic nerve, vitreous and more leading to blindness and vision loss. Affecting all age groups between 20 to 60 years it can be both for short time and long time. Thankfully it can be treated and there are some uveitis specialist in Gurgaon who can treat it in the most effective manner.

Symptoms include blurred vision, dark and floating spots in vision, eye pain, redness of the eye, sensitivity to light and more are common symptoms but further diagnosis is always required in case of uveitis to actually find out the area where the inflammation is caused. At IClinix, Dr. Varun Gogia is the best retina doctor in Delhi and he uses latest technological advancements in medical technology to thoroughly check the eye. The tests may include visual acuity test, funduscopic exam using opthalmoscope, ocular pressure using tonometer or tonopen, a slit lamp exam and more. All are used by retina specialists in Gurgaon to provide you the best diagnosis facility in Delhi NCR. For retinal and intravitreal injections, Dr Varun Gogia follows a PRN dosing schedule which is ‘inject when required’. These are in accordance to the international standards and doesn’t unnecessarily overburden a patient’s pockets. 

As for treatment, Dr. Varun Gogia states that the very first step is to eliminate the inflammation, alleviate pain and then prevent further tissue damage. After that they come to the part of restoring any loss of vision. All this treatment procedure and plan depends on the type of uveitis a person is displaying. Sometimes, corticosteroid eye drops and injections around the eye or inside the eye are used rather than oral medicine depending upon the severity of the condition. For these injections, IClinix provides the best retina surgeon in Delhi NCR who look after every single thing in case of Uveitis.

Since uveitis is of many times, some of it’s type uses steroids for suppressing the immunity system and thus treating it further. Here tests for glaucoma, diabetes, medical history and lots of other things are diagnosed as at IClinix we believe in a healthy life through proper diagnosis and then treatment of the diseases. Retina treatment and surgery in Gurgaon is quite common, but providing the best eye care facility and after therapy makes IClinix the best eye care hospital in the vicinity.

If you are suffering from any kind of symptoms related to uveitis, visit IClinix for a cost-friendly diagnosis and consultation with some of the best uveitis and retinal specialists and get treatment for your loss of vision.

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