Retinal Detachment, Treatment and Surgery in Delhi

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 Retinal Detachment, Treatment and Surgery in Delhi
A retinal detachment is the separation of the retina from its tissue inside the eye. The retinal separations are mostly the result of a rupture, hole, or tear. Retinal Detachment Symptoms: It is a painless eye condition. Following signs should alert you to visit a retinal specialist to rule out a retinal detachment right now
      • a sudden appearance of many floaters – tiny particles like spots/hair/strings that float in your vision and move with eye movements
      • sudden flashes of light – a bright spark like lightning which can be perceived even with eyes closed
      • shadow or curtain over part of the vision which progressively worsens
How does a retina detachment occur?
The common retinal detachment occurs when the gel of the eye (vitreous) leaks through holes/tears in the retina thereby lifting it from the choroid
Why does the retina tear?
As one ages, the gel that fills the eye shrinks/collapses and becomes more liquid. Eventually the vitreous may separate from the retina a process called posterior vitreous detachment (PVD). When the vitreous peels of from the retina, it may sometimes pull it forcefully resulting in a retinal tear
Detached Retina Risk Factors:
    • Myopia– High minus numbers
    • A family history of retinal detachment
    • History of RD in one eye
    • Any eye surgery including cataract and LASIK
    • Laser Capsulotomy (YAG)
Retinal Detachment Treatment:
The goal is to get the retina back quick in place so that it starts getting its blood supply and oxygen. A retinal detachment is fixed by a retina specialist by simple & advanced surgical techniques Effective diagnosis and repair of retinal detachments are critical because the improvement of visual vision is substantially more significant if the retina is repaired before the removal of the macula or central region.

·        Scleral Buckle

– In this technique, the retinal tear is fixed by an “EXTERNAL” approach ( without entering the eye). In scleral buckling, the tear is sealed using a freezing technique called “CRYOTHERAPY’ and then supported by a piece of SOLID SILICONE BUCKLE. It is a technique that requires great skill and clinical acumen

·        Vitreo Retinal Surgery

– In this technique the retinal tear is fixed by an “INTERNAL” approach It uses sophisticated machines and instruments (MIVS – MICROINCISION VITREOUS SURGERY) to remove the gel of the eye, the vitreous. The tear is then sealed with the LASER. The retina is then supported with either SILICONE OIL or INTRAOCULAR GAS injection. The patient is required to maintain the face, down position for few days after the surgery

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