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The retina is the place that sends images to your brain meaning it is the part that allows you to see the world. Due to retinal detachment blood supply to retina is impaired and hence the vision is impaired. It can occur due to severe trauma, nearsightedness, previous surgeries, previous retinal detachment in another eye, or family history of retinal detachment. In the case of retinal detachment, immediate surgery is needed otherwise the person will be vision impaired for life.

Of course, there are different kinds of retinal surgeries depending on the type of detachment. A simple tear can be taken care of with cryotherapy or laser procedure. The severity of detachment will ask for complex surgery such as pneumatic retinopexy where a bubble is injected inside the eye. This bubble pushes the retina back in place. We are proud to say that IClinix hospital has Dr. Varun Gogia who is the best retina specialist in Delhi.

IClinix hospital has the most advanced procedures and a team of top retina specialists in Delhi which makes it the best choice for retinal detachment surgery. We even have a proper facility to perform the scleral buckle procedure where a band is tied around the eye and then the fluid is drained which is causing the detachment of the retina. Overnight stay is not needed and IClinix provides all facilities at affordable rates.

Whether it is long term retinal treatment or an emergency case of retinal detachment, we provide the best eye care facility and retinal detachment treatment at moment’s notice. We even have diabetic retinopathy treatment specially planned for patients dealing with diabetes and having eye problems.

For diagnosis, our specialist uses special lenses and devices like 3D OCT, Anterior segment imaging, red free photography, fluorescein angiography, autofluorescence, and B-scan to check the back of the eye which shows every hole, tear, or detachment of the retina. Also, we perform ultrasound imaging in case of retinal detachment to confirm the extent of retinal detachment and determine its prognosis after surgery.  At IClinix we believe in carrying out the holistic diagnosis and then treating the root of the problem. And all of these tests are done at cost-effective charges. If you have any kind of worry about surgery, we have designated counsellors who can address your concerns regarding every single step of management to make sure that you trust us and go through surgery with a free mind.

Retinal surgery is quite taxing and coping with it, may also need emotional counselling which we specifically address to make you feel comfortable. Glasses will be required for better vision that will be designed especially for your eyes. And all this rehabilitation will be provided at our hospital.

So, if you are dealing with any kind of retinal problem, visit IClinix for the safest diagnosis and surgical procedure and we will strive with you to get your vision back.

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