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This pandemic has led to so many changes in our daily life. There was a time when all the people were free and safe to enjoy their life. But due to ongoing coronavirus pandemic, everyone is bound to use sanitizers and masks for their safety. Though they are used by numerous people for their safety. But masks may pose problems in people dependent on glasses.

Mask a problem?

People with spectacles face various problems due to masks. Due to the air released through the upper portion of masks while exhalation, the glasses form a layer of mist making the entire vision fogged. If this happens suddenly, eg while driving a car, or while running, it may prove dangerous to their lives. It is similarly turning out to be quite a bit of a problem for health care professionals too.  It’s annoying when the glasses fog up when you’re wearing a mask.

From mildly bothersome to deadly and getting worse at lower temperatures this mask is irritating for people who need to wear spectacles constantly through the day. But as we all know every problem comes with a solution one just has to look for it. Similarly, there are numerous tips that you can follow to avoid your lenses fog up because of the mask. The masks are here to stay, but glasses can be parted with. Why fog your world when LASIK is the answer.

Tips to avoid lens fogging up

Here are the tips to save yourself from the deadly lense fog:-

  • Wear specs over your mask

This is the foremost thing one can follow to be on the safer side. Changing the position of the lenses will divert the warm air away from the glasses. If every time you breathe there is cloudy vision. Then you can simply pull up the mask higher onto your face and placing your glasses on top of it. This will not allow the breath to make your lenses foggy.

Choose glasses with smaller rim so that overlap with mask is avoided.

  • Adjustable nosebands

There are different types of masks available in the market. You can choose the one that has flexible nosebands. This will help combat fogging. You can easily adjust the mask according to your nose size and then you will not require to put your mask over the glasses as well.

Scotch tape or micropore tape over the upper portion of masks: this will prevent any type of fogging over the glasses.

  • Soap and water

Sounding weird right? But it is the best option one can opt for. You can wash your lenses with soapy water. This will create a film on your lenses. Surface tension between the water molecules in your breath leads to glasses getting fogged up. And washing the lenses with soapy water leaves a thin film that reduces this tension and lets the water molecules spread evenly instead of clustering on lenses that create fog. You can use bar soap or hand soap for this.

  • Tissue

If still, you face the issue because of the fog. Then you opt for using a tissue. You can fold it and put it horizontally under the top of your mask on your nose. This will enable the moisture from your breath to be absorbed in the issue rather than clustering behind your lenses.

Not only people with glasses but also health care workers suffer from this problem. As they need to wear PPE kit, glasses, and mask altogether, that leads to fogging up of the transparent area of their PPE kit. Thus, anyone facing a problem with their glasses fogged up can use any of the above tips or can go for other solutions like contact lenses, LASIK, ICL surgery etc as advised by your ophthalmologist in refernec to your needs and assessment of your individual case.

We advocate the need for LASIK as safety is the priority. Many a times, it is seen that due to foggig people with glasses do not wera mask with noses covered. This puts them and others around them at risk for COVID virus.  We advise that if you are non compliant to your glasses due to fogging, het operated before it is too late.

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