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Retinal detachment is a critical procedure and requires highly skilled eye surgeons also called
Vitreoretina Surgeon. This needs to be treated immediately to prevent vision loss.
Your surgeon will examine your eye to determine the extent of the damage and the retinal tears. If
he thinks that the retinal detachment surgery is needed, then he may suggest you so.
The eye surgeon will suggest the type of retinal detachment treatment based on the extent of the
damage. In case of macular damage, it may not be possible to restore the vision completely.

Outcomes of retinal detachment surgery :

Most patients will notice an improvement of vision after surgery and this vision keeps on improving
with time. You may have to maintain face down position for a week.

There are 90% -95 % chances are there that the retina can reattach with one surgery. Vision
improvement or functional success depends on extent of Retinal detachment, involvement of
macula and time duration between the onset of detachment and retinal detachment surgery In
some cases, the retina gets redetached within the first three months. The first three months are
more critical, when you can expect chances of redetachment because of fibrosis, termed medically
as PVR. In such cases, there can be issues related to vision again. It is important to remember that
when 100percent vision correct is not possible, the eye surgeon must aim to maximize the affected
eyes’ vision.

Risks associated with retinal detachment surgery :

The retinal tear is dangerous, and the retinal detachment surgery needs to be done with the eye
surgeon’s proper supervision. In specific scenarios, retinal detachment is associated with some risks.
Let’s look into the risks associated with this critical surgery:

Endophthalmitis : This is a condition that results from infection. The eye clinic must use sterile
equipment, and the doctors should take proper precautions to prevent the patients’ infections. If
you are in Delhi, you can consult the best retina specialists in Delhi at IClinix to have satisfactory
retinal detachment surgery and diabetic retinopathy treatment. At IClinix, you can find the best
retina surgeon in Delhi who can treat you with care and prevent Endophthalmitis. Endophthalmitis is
a dangerous condition that can affect patients to a considerable extent. In some cases, it can also
cause blindness.

Bleeding : Bleeding can also, in some cases during the surgery as well as post-surgery. The doctor
must take special care about the medications that the patient is taking to prevent any complications.

Cataract : If your cataract operation has not been done yet, the retinal detachment surgery may
cause further acceleration of the cataract. The doctors must check for the possibilities and must take
the necessary precautions to avoid this situation.
The best retina doctor in Delhi can be found at IClinix. At IClinix, the doctors take more precautions
to prevent the above –mentioned conditions.