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What is retinal detachment and how to identify the symptoms?

The retina is a soft layer of tissue which is located near the optic nerve. Retina helps in visual recognition and a damaged retina or retinal detachment can lead to an alarming situation and can even cause vision loss.

The retina can peel away or rip off from the underlying tissue. A detached retina can result from an eye injury, an inflammation of the eye issue, as an ageing process or a result of incorrect surgical procedures in the eye.

Depending on the situation, there can be three types of the detached retina:

Rhegmatogenous retinal detachment: This results when there is a break or hole in the retina, which causes the liquid to permeate from vitreous space into the sub retinal space.

Secondary retinal detachment: This is secondary to other systemic disorders. In this case fluid builds up under retina. This is an alarming situation and needs immediate medical intervention and evaluation

Tractional retinal detachment: This happens when the fibrovascular tissue pulls out the sensory retina from the epithelium. An injury or inflammation can also cause this. Patients with Diabetes and Hypertension are at increased risk of developing these

Retinal detachment treatment: The retinal detachment treatment will be suggested by your ophthalmologist based on the above conditions. Your ophthalmologist may recommend cryotherapy where an abnormal or diseased tissue is destroyed with extreme cold or scleral buckling or vitrectomy where the vitreous gel is replaced by the gas bubble or silicon air bubble to hold the retina in place. If the situation is not so critical, then your ophthalmologist may suggest you for pneumatic retinoplaxy. Here a bubble is injected into the vitreous cavity of the eye, and the pressure forces the retina to attach eventually.

Sometimes it may not be possible to reattach the detached retina. Such a situation can result if the macula was impacted during the detachment. In such cases, the vision will continue to deteriorate.

So how do you know if your retina is detached? 

A person with a damaged retina can experience the below symptoms:

  • Photopsia or peripheral vision. You can experience flashy images
  • You will experience floating things in front of your eye like bubbles floaters etc.
  • Straight lines appear curved
  • A heavy feeling in the eye or difficulty to see things clearly

Why IClinix?

If you are facing any of the above symptoms, you can consult your ophthalmologist for a suggestion. If you have a detached retina, then you can consult Retina Specialist in Noida & Gurgaon. At Iclinix, you can find the best retinal detachment treatment.

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