Who are the best retina specialists in Delhi?

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Eye problems have become quite prevalent in recent years with the rise of the digital population who confront the digital screen through eyes. Increasing pollution and unhealthy lifestyle have also contributed to the problems related to the eyes. If you are curious, the eyes have the Retina as the most important part where the actual vision process takes place. Retina specialists are needed in today’s world like never before. A retina specialist is a person who diagnoses retinal and vitreous diseases through detailed eye examination using the latest technical equipment and testing.

Whether it’s treating eye conditions in children or old ones, retina specialists are well versed in treating conditions ranging from simple eye problems to complex ones like Diabetic retinopathy treatment. Retinal detachment is also a prevailing ailment related to eye problems in India and it needs an expert retinal specialist who can provide the proper diagnostic and treatment.

India is home to numerous hospitals and clinics dedicated to treating eye problems in all kinds of ranges. But how do you find the best retina specialists in Delhi or the best retina treatment and surgery in Gurgaon? We have the answer. Iclinix is one such multispeciality eye care hospital that offers the best eye care services in the whole Delhi-NCR. Under the leadership of Dr. Varun Gogia, Iclinix is known for providing the latest technologically advanced retinal detachment treatment, retina laser surgery, lenses, and more eye care solutions at affordable rates.

Iclinix is at the top of the ladder due to providing the best retina specialists in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, and other areas in the vicinity. From advanced diagnostics to advanced treatments using the expert staff and latest technology, Iclinix features the ideal model of eye care treatment hospital in the world. Protect and prevent your eyes from loss and blindness using comprehensive eye care treatments ranging from routine eye tests to the treatment of complex vision and eye-related problems like cataracts, retinal detachment, age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma squint, and other problems.

Our expert retina specialists provide you a faculty that is equipped with the newest technology such as advanced ocular imaging, 3D OCT, anterior segment imagining, laser treatments like excimer laser, Intralase laser, green lasers, sutureless minimal invasive surgeries of retina, cataract, squint, and glaucoma and rehabilitation facility in case of low vision aids and vitrectomy recover support systems. It’s the motto of IClinix to provide the best solutions for a healthy future and a healthy vision.