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Best Retinal Detachment Surgery in Delhi

Retinal detachment is a serious condition and needs to be treated immediately to avoid permanent vision loss. Retinal detachment can occur naturally, after trauma, sometimes after post negligence in surgical treatments and secondary to myopia. The retinal break and tear can also occur because of near-sightedness and other diseases. If you have a retinal detachment, you must search for the best eye hospital in Delhi for retina and can get your treatment done by the experts.

The initial symptoms of retinal detachment include floaters and blurred visions. If the condition gets critical, you will need to get the treatment on an urgent basis.

At IClinix, we have the best Eye surgeons in Delhi to help you overcome any vision problems in the shortest time. We do the surgical repair of the retinal detachment on an emergency basis so that you can resume a normal vision once again.

What is the role of the retina in human vision?

The thin tissue that encircles the inside part of the eye towards the back is called the retina. In other words, it is the light-sensitive portion that helps us to view the objects by focussing the light images. It is the cornea and the lens that allows the light image to focus on the retina. There is a complex biochemical change that takes place in the layer of the retina that stimulates the electrical response. Retina has several nerves endings that transmits the electrical signal to the brain via the optic nerve.

Get Best Retinal Detachment Surgery in Delhi at IClinix to restore your vision.

To begin with, our doctors at IClinix will recommend various tests for you to find the severity of the retinal detachment. He may request you to undergo an amsler grid test or fundus auto fluorescence to gain more information on your eye condition. In some cases, ultrasound is also used for appropriate diagnosis and formulating a management plan individualise to suit your case. In most of the cases, a thorough retinal examination is done where your doctor will utilize instruments with bright light and special lenses to check the back portion of your eyes. This procedure enables the doctor to find any possible retinal hole or tear, sometimes they are more than one. If you have a retinal detachment or tear then leave the rest and trust the best. Visit IClinix, which is considered the Best Retinal Detachment Surgery in Delhi , due to the team of experienced doctors having trained from AIIMS, New Delhi, for a permanent solution to the vision problems.

You can fix an appointment with the experts at IClinix and let them know the vision problems that you have been facing. The doctors may ask you may question, and an honest response will aid in the treatment.

Your doctor may analyse the exact location of the breaks to decide the treatment that he will recommend to you. The retinal detachment generally affects one eye, and if left untreated, eventually the other eye may also get affected, if you have some ocular comorbid condition. While doing the treatment, the medical practitioners at IClinix will make sure that the symptoms are detected beforehand, and they take proactive measures to prevent future problems.

What makes IClinix special?

At IClinix, we leave no stones unturned to offer you the best vision possible. We find out the root cause of the issues to prevent recurrence of the problems. Leave your eye problems to the experts- visit IClinix and find the best treatment by experienced doctors at an affordable rate. Dr Varun Gogia, an AIIMS alumnus, has an experience of operating on thousands of retinal detachment cases over his entire career.

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