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Dealing with fading vision can give you sleepless nights. In case you are facing vision issues, you can visit an ophthalmologist who can suggest retinal detachment treatment for you if retinal problems were detected. Even a small hole in the retina can lead to major issues in future. The fluid can pass underneath the retina and can lead to permanent blindness, and hence retinal issues cannot be ignored. As your age increases, you develop more chances of having a retinal detachment. If you are facing any problems with your retina, you can visit Doctor Varun Gogia to help you with any vision issues. This doctor is a pioneer in his domain and has performed several diabetic retinopathy treatments and diabetic vitrectomies to allow people to regain normal vision.

What is the purpose of diabetic retinopathy treatment?

Diabetic retinopathy treatmentis performed to prevent vision loss. In case of negligence, you can lose your vision permanently; hence you must consult a reputed doctor who can help you with treatments and medications. Consulting doctors at IClinix will help you to find permanent solutions and will help you to enhance your vision.

What treatments are available for retinal detachment at IClinix?

At IClinix, we have a team of medical experts who helps the patients with retinal tears. Depending on your condition, your doctor may recommend a laser therapy or surgical procedure to reattach the retina and to seal away the holes. If the problem is non-impacting, then regular medications can also be suggested. The popular treatment methods include scleral buckle and the vitrectomy. Sometimes, the combinations of both remedies areused to help the patient to recover faster.

What is vitrectomy retinal detachment surgery all about?

This is a popular eye surgery which involves removing the vitreous gel of the eye that has been the major cause of the tear. A gas oil bubble is inserted into the eyes to support the retina, and the bubble eventually dissolves, leaving no traces. However, the silicone bubble oil may not get removed automatically, and you may need to get a small operation done to get it removed. Initially, a person may have blurred vision post-surgery; however, in the long term,the vision improves, and the person begins seeing thingsclearly.

Dr Varun Gogia personally makes sure that the patient completely recovers after the surgery and does not encounter any after-effects of the surgery. All the safety measures are taken to reduce the risk and to restore the normal vision of the patient.

Is the scleral buckle option feasible for retinal detachment?

The scleral buckle option can cause discomfort to the patients. Dr Varun Gogia alternatively uses a piece of sponge or silicone rubber to seal away the holes with the help of stitches. This can sometimes produce dent within the eyes and creates some temporary discomfort. The buckle is not visible from outside as it remains placed internally.

At Iclinix we are fanatical about quality and no matter what surgery you choose at Iclinix you can rest assured that we will give you the best vision possible so that you can view the world in the same way as before.We are committed to enhancing your vision, call us now to book your appointment and get the bestvision of your lifetime.

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