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When it comes to eyes, you cannot take things lightly. Restoring impaired vision becomes imperative. If you are having any retina issues, then you will need the top retina specialist in Delhi to resolve the underlying problems of the eyes. If you ignore the eye issues, then it can lead to further complications in the future and some cases blindness can also occur. If you are looking for retina treatment and surgery in Gurgaon, then you can visit IClinix to get the best treatment possible. We can treat all the retinal issues like retinal tears, detachment and many more. Different patients can have different types of retinal problems. Some may require long-term diabetic retinopathy treatment, whereas others might need a temporary fix. Your doctor will be the best person to determine what kind of treatment would be apt for you. At IClinix, the best retina doctor in Delhi, an AIIMS alumnus, handles each patient very carefully to help them restore their vision.

We ensure doing a thorough check-up of the patients before carrying out the surgical procedures. You can find the top retina specialist in Delhi at IClinix. It should be noted that post-surgery you can have blurry vision during the initial few weeks. Your doctor may recommend you some special glasses to restore your vision as soon as possible. Retina surgery takes longer time to perform in comparison to a cataract surgery which is a shorter procedure. We offer latest surgery with minimal gauge equipment, hence leaving you sutureless at the ned. This ensures that you have minimum ocular distortion and minimum irritation, and also the risk of suture related infection or other complications.

Post-treatment also you need to visit our doctors for constant monitoring. Sometimes you may need prolonged awkward positioning like prone or lateral position to aid attachment of your retina. Air travel after retinal surgery should be deferred till at least 4 weeks especially if your vitreous humor after vitrectomy has been replaced with gases. If oil has been inserted in your eye, a repeat shorter surgery would be required for its removal before you get the final vision.

At IClinix, you can get the finest retina treatment and surgery in Gurgaon without burdening your pocket. During the surgical procedure, we only numb the eye portion, and then our experts do everything possible to restore your vision. We offer different types of treatments like laser treatment, photocoagulation, cryopexy, injecting air or gas, fluid replacement and many more. When you go for an appointment, prepare your list of questions to the doctor. You can make a note of all the symptoms that you are facing so that your doctor can offer you the best treatment based on your condition. You can have your family member accompany you when you visit your doctor. Your doctors can ask you a lot of questions for diagnosis. Depending on the responses of all these questions, he will suggest the best possible treatments for you.

What are the essential things to follow post-treatment and surgery?

Post-surgery, our doctors at IClinix keep the patient in constant monitoring to reduce any complications in future. The doctors will recommend you eye drops, and you must apply the eye drops regularly to reduce the inflammation and possibilities of infection. You will need to visit our doctors in IClinix periodically and follow their advices for at least few months. After recovery, you can notice the difference in your vision. We are renowned for Diabetic retinopathy treatmentbut we have excellent success rates in other eye treatments as well. For a consultation, you can give us a call in our number mentioned. The customer support team at IClinix consist of a team of dedicated professionals who will leave no stones unturned to provide you timely responses to your queries and concerns.

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