The increasing popularity of laser operation and Motiyabind operation

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Motiyabind operation is commonly known to people as the cataract operation.

Before understanding about Motiyabind operation and laser operation it is imperative to know how our natural lenses work:

The lens bends the light rays that fall into our eyes and facilitate a clear vision. The natural lens is an integral part of our eye but if you have cataract then your lens becomes cloudy. You fail to see things clearly and you get a blurry vision. If you have a cataract you will get the same feeling as you get when you look through a foggy or a dusty window. If you have a cataract, sometimes you also feel too bright and can feel the glaring rays of light in your eyes which will impact your visibility to a significant extent. In other cases, you may feel that things around you are less colourful. You may also see double images or ghost images. If you are facing any of the above symptoms you may consider visiting an ophthalmologist who will suggest the treatment for you depending on your condition. If the impact is too huge then he may suggest you go for Motiyabind Operation or laser operation

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Difference between Motiyabind operation and laser operation:

Motiyabind refers to traditional cataract surgery. While the laser is an advanced method of cataract removal. The overall outcome will be the same but the process and technique for both surgeries are different.

The procedure of traditional cataract surgery: the surgeon will make a small incision on the side of your cornea to remove the clouded lens. A phacoemulsification laser breaks up the clouded lens. An intraocular lens will be inserted to replace the natural lens. The cut eye tissue heals automatically and no sutures are done.

The instruments used: Hand-held instruments like blade and forceps

The procedure of Laser Cataract surgery: In later cataract surgery the surgeon uses more advanced technology to increase precision. The surgeon does a 3D imaging of your eye to understand the nature of your lens and cataract. Then he utilizes a femtosecond laser to make an opening in the front of the cloudy lens. The cloudy lens is broken and suctioned out from the incisions of your cornea. An intraocular lens replaces your cloudy lens to restore the clarity of your vision

The instruments used: No manual instrument used here. Laser-assisted blade-free cataract surgery improves the precision and accuracy of the procedure.

Why cataract removal is important?

Motiyabind operation and laser cataract operation both aim to remove the cataract. But in case you are still wondering why is it important to remove cataract then let’s find out why:

  • Clarity of vision is important in driving. A blurred vision can increase the chances of accidents and casualties
  • Blurred and clouded vision will impact your daily routine. With cataract in your eyes, you will have difficulties watching TV, reading a newspaper or book or even working on your computer
  • You will find it difficult to see in bright light and your eyes will be highly sensitive to light

Hence it is extremely important to get rid of the cataract and to get a clear vision. Laser eye operation in Delhi and Motiyabind operation in Delhi is quite affordable and does not dig a hole in your pocket. You can check our website  to get guidance and more information regarding Motiyabind operation and Laser cataract operation.