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Are you suffering from any complication regarding eyesight in Gurgaon or Delhi area? If yes, IClinix run by Dr. Varun Gogia, Uvetis specialist in Delhi is the place to go. It is a specialized eye centre for retinal detachment surgery, retinal detachment treatment , Diabetic retinopathy treatment and best retina specialist in Delhi. The treatment done here are absolutely world-class and done with utmost care while maintaining good hygiene.

Vision is considered to be a man’s primary necessity for living as it helps him to see and enjoy the world around him. So, it is always advisable to take good care of your eyes to keep a great vision which will help you enjoy your surroundings for a longer time. There are times when people lose their eye sight for maintaining bad habits in life. Hence, never panic when you are facing any kind of retinal complication and having trouble in seeing the world around you. Going by the name of Dr. Varun Gogia who is an AIIMsonian is the retina specialist available in Delhi. He is an NTSE and KYPY scholar, who has secured meritorious position in the competitive residency exams which already implies his immense knowledge in this field. Undoubtedly, you will be in good hands and never have to worry if you visit IClinix regarding retina treatment and surgery, retinal detachment surgery, retinal detachment treatment, diabetic retinopathy treatment and so on. There have been innumerable examples where the patient have recovered significantly despite having added prognosis at the outset.

It is quite commendable that how IClinix has grown and served it’s patients since it’s establishment in 2016.The motto of IClinix is to serve the patients first: Your Vision, Our Mission!  The patients are akin to God for the establishment, and hence protecting and preventing vision loss and blindness is our priority. IClinix treats a host of eye disorders by providing comprehensive eye care treatment with the latest and world-class technology at a very affordable cost so that no-one is deprived from the treatment.

With mimimal post-operative complication rate, IClinix is irreplaceable for conditions like retina detachment surgery, retinal detachment treatment, diabetic retinopathy treatment and so on. Dr. Varun Gogia is the best uveitis specialist in Delhi whom you can trust blindly in case of retinal problems.

IClinix is that clinic which is capable of handling all of your needs with the latest technology available in the market.

The newest inclusions include, advanced ocular imaging which includes 3D OCT , Anterior segment imaging, red free photography, fluorescein angiography, autofluorescence, B-scan, corneal topography. They also offer Lasers which include eximer lase, intralase lasers, greem laser, pattern laser and so on. Lastly, IClinix has the facility of sutureless minimal invasive surgeries and also post-operative rehabilitation.

So, choose an eye expert wisely as it is the only organ which will help you bring colors to your life. In that case, we believe that Dr. Varun Gogia, Uvetis specialist is among the best you can opt for.

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